Rainforest to Rainforest Program

This program is simple. We provide the promotional materials, this easy website to order from, and shipping is included. Place orders online between August 1 – October 31. Shipping of greens begins November 19.

  1. Collect orders from your congregation, neighborhood, friends and families.
  2. Consolidate all orders and purchase your Christmas greens online by October 31.
  3. Receive beautiful Christmas products and hand them out! Shipping begins November 19.

Located in Petén, Guatemala are 5 million acres of beautiful, lush and productive tropical rainforest. This is the Maya Biosphere Reserve, created in 1990. Its goal is to protect the largest area of tropical forest remaining in Central America. Living here are communities of people, that for generations, have relied upon and protected this vital natural resource. The people of these communities have created livelihoods by managing and harvesting products from these forests. They follow sustainable harvesting practices to protect this natural wonder. It is critical to conserve its essential role in the ecosystem and to provide a way of life for generations to come – but they need our help.

These communities are facing time-sensitive threats such as colonization by cattle ranchers, illegal farming, forest fires, and poaching, that if not stopped soon, will lead to extensive and irreversible deforestation. If this happens, the communities will be displaced and will lose the natural resources on which they survive. And we all lose the delicate balance of the Earth’s ecosystem that this rainforest contributes so importantly.

The Maya Biosphere Reserve Community Development Fund was created to provide community development efforts – like healthcare and education, especially for women and children, so that thoughtful management of this rainforest can continue into the future. Without our contribution to this fund, the situation will get worse. Children will not be able to attend school, and hunger and poverty will increase. These communities need our support so they can stand strong against external threats and conserve this precious rainforest, and in turn provide for their families.  

Together with the University of Minnesota and Rainforest Alliance we have been contributing to this fund with our Palm Sunday program. There’s more we can do. At Continental Floral Greens we harvest many of our greens from our own forests in Western Washington. Almost 4,000 miles away, our forests are also rainforests – called temperate rainforests, made up of coniferous trees and receiving heavy rainfall. We, too, understand the importance of proper, and sustainable, forest management practices. Because of these similarities, we feel deeply connected to the communities within the Maya Biosphere Reserve and are eager to help with our Rainforest to Rainforest program. 

Program Partners

Partner with us for your holiday fundraising, or gift-giving, to contribute, significantly, to the Maya Biosphere Reserve Community Development Fund. Our Christmas greens are grown, wild and natural, at the base of Mount St. Helens and all of our products are produced by hand. A simple, secure website makes ordering easy and shipping is included. The Rainforest to Rainforest program offers offer stunning wreaths, swags and garlands with one goal – to support the livelihoods of these communities so they can protect the vital resource in which they call home.

Rainforest to Rainforest. One rainforest helping another.

Depending on shipping costs, which varies by location, up to 20% of the proceeds go directly to the Maya Biosphere Reserve Community Development fund.

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